How Is Everyone?

May 12, 2012 | | Comments 0

There has been so much happening in the schools lately.  They are now having to take end of course tests that they require from the state and still have small other tests but having it where 2 weeks or 3 weeks before school ends have nothing to much to do in certain classes.  The last 2 weeks of school will be catch up time for those who are flunking and who have been in trouble or late.  Thats very different since I have been in school.     Some of the kids will have their last day on the 18th of May.

Has everyone been getting their lawnmowers ready because with this good old rain we have gotten, its wonderful.  We still have to be ready to cut it when the grass dries.   I for one thing have had some large branches fall with the wind we had.  I hope everyone else doesnt have to much mess. 

I took some more pictures to show for yall, enjoy them.  Everyone have a wonderful day and keep on hanging in their with you ups and downs.  Being strong about things will keep you going.  Love everyone and see you at our store.  God Bless of Yall. 


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